Sunday, May 3, 2009

TBL Card Fest Explained

This is my attempt to get the whole Big Lebowski Card Fest organized. Mistakes will be made. Lives may be lost.

I realize that this is pretty easy and most of you don't need an explanation. However, Dubbs and Thorzul are both from the Milwaukee area. They are therefore most likely drunk and may need a little help.

At the right of the blog there should be some links. Go ahead and look. I'll wait.............OK. These are the links to get you to the cards. There are 3 basic sections.

Section #1 is the Master list. This will have every card in TBL set. Whenever I get a new card I will add it to this list. Since blogger puts all of the new downloaded pictures at the top of the page, that's where all of the new cards will go. So, #1 will be at the bottom. I've gone ahead and labeled all of the cards. Here is a sample label:

TBL001 Jesus #01 1986 Donruss

TBL001 = the card number in the set

Jesus = subject of the card

#01 = the number of the subjects cards (ex. this is Jesus' first card)

1986 Donruss = year and type of card

Yes...I realize I'm making this unnecissarily complicated.

Section #2 is for the contributors

All contributors get their own page. Whenever there is a new card it will be added to the top of the contributor page as well as the master list

Section #3 is the Card subject page.

All of the card subjects with more than 1 card get their own page.

A few facts on this thing:

1. If you make a new card it's a good idea to send me an email. It's the best way to make sure I don't overlook it.

2. If I make a mistake or you think I labeled something wrong, please, go screw yourself. Just kidding, definately let me know. I will fix it. For example, I may have the wrong year or you might like a different subject description on one of the cards you made. No problem. Just let me know.

Also let me know if you think one of the cards should be added to another page or something. I'm cool with that.

3. If you think I'm taking too long to add your card to your page and the master list, go screw yourself. This time I'm serious.

4. If you have any pictures of Alyssa Milano or Zooey Deschannel in skimpy outfits you should email them to me immediately.

5. If you think the labeling system doesn't make sense, join the club.

6. The "What Have You" link is for cards that where difficult to assign, or for characters with only 1 card.

7. The "JT's Women" link is for...naw...I want to see if anyone can figure that one out.

8. If you haven't contributed and want to, please do. You will get your own link on my incredibly popular Blog. Lets face it, at that point your only a half a step away from Deadspin.

9. If you are Jose Mesa, your cards will be rejected out of hand. You are not invited to participate. Go away. Choker.

10. The order of the cards in the master list is arbitrary and just happens to be the way they ended up on my written list. It doesn't mean anything.

11. The ringer cannot look empty, dudes.

One Last Thing. I want to have a contest for a Big Lebowski Card Fest Banner. If anyone who wants to participate can email me a banner, I will make a poll that runs for a week to let the masses decide. Let's say, get it to me by next sunday so I can start the poll next monday. Sound good?