Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 19 & 20

Beardy is throwing these posts up at an accelerated rate. He understandably wants to get this done with before the weekend is over to bask in all of his glory. Apparently, Bready and the boys down at the crime lab will be working in 12 hour shifts all next week leaving precious little time for turking off.

Do you want to know what I think? (Of course you do. Who wouldn't want to know what I think?) I think that the Bearded Wonder is starting to crack under the pressure of leading this thing since the early going. This is his lame attempt to "run out the clock" so to speak, as if there is less chance for me to catch fire the sooner it ends.

Will Wonderbeard's plan succeed? Or, will I stage an incredible Cleveland style comeback that will be talked about for ages? Only time will tell, but I'm hoping for an exciting finish.

Pack 19:

#115 Prince Fielder 0pts
#170 Hanley Ramirez 2pts (Hanley Ramirez, the fantasy titan , envy of all roto players. Thank you for the 2 points.)

#111 Fransisco Rodriguez 0pts
#117 Mickey Mantle 1pts (Mickey mantle again. I swear I've pulled 39 Mantles in this box. I'll count them up in the end. It will be a lot, but it won't be nearly as many as it feels like.)

#137 Jason Schmidt Chrome Refractor 5pts (Like Beardly McGoo said, "What happened to this guy?" Never did quite live up to his rep. I can't help it, though. I still get a little excited when I see one of his cards. kind of like Gregg Jeffries or Todd Van Poppel. I guess it isn't fair to lump him in with Van Poppel. Schmidt still had some really good seasons.)

#168 The Streak Checklist 0pts
#116 Vladdy Goes Yard Checklist 0pts
#14 Ivan Rodriguez 0pts

Pack 19 Total: 8 points

8 points is pretty strong here and is just enough to pull out a squeaker over Beardmeister. Can the Infamous Scratch Man climb his way back in?

Pack 20:

#141 Kevin Kouzmanoff 0pts
#186 Yovani Gallardo 0pts
#95 Derek Jeter 1pts (Did I mention how much I'm sick of pulling Yankees...even if they do give me a point?)

#167 Mickey Mantle 1pts (Once again I am Beardy's total lack of surprise. It is a big conspiracy to make people hate Mickey Mantle...and people shouldn't hate Mickey Mantle. I'm getting close, though. If these weren't worth a point I would be going out of my mind.)

#15 Ichiro 0pts
#TRP23 Benjamin Harrison +5pts (President) x2 (Harrison) = 10pts (How about Big Ben Harrison coming though in the clutch?! A double pointer Pres! That's what I like about the Turk-Off. Half of our rules make no sense at all, but I'll take it.)

#80 Craig Biggio 0pts
#161 Trevor Hoffman 0pts

Pack 20 Total: 12 points

A clean sweep for the Motherscratcher (or Fatheritcher, as seems to be starting to catch on). How about that? Coming down to the wire we are now neck and neck.

Buckle your seatbelts. It might be a wild ride!


night owl said...

If there has been on thing this Turk-Off has accomplished it is that it has scared me off of ever collecting this set.

Who wants that many Yankees? It's just awful.

Motherscratcher said...

Don't let it scare you off. It is a lot of Yankees, but probably not as bad as it may appear. All Yankees cards are going to affect the score so every stinking one of them gets scanned and posted. If we scanned and posted every single card that we pulled the Yankees wouldn't stick out quite as much as they do.

That's my theory anyway.

beardy said...

It's on fool!

I've already got packs 21 & 22 up, and 23 & 24 already typed.

Let's end this!

Remember when I said I'd kill you last?

I lied.